What Makes a Family

What makes a Family?
Its not blood
Not similarities or differences
Then what’s left?
What makes a family?
Do you want to know the answer?
It’s the people within
It’s the love the people hold for each other
Without standards it’s unconditional
That’s what adoption is
inviting someone in and caring for them despite differences
That is a family
No matter if your black, white, orange, or even blue
They will love you for you
And let me let you in on a secret
I’m adopted
I have a loving family
Family that I’m proud to be apart of
They wanted me even though I’ve had a rough life
Lived through trials and tribulations

They didn’t care they saw me
They loved me
And they got to know me for me looked past my history
Looked past the scars
Looked past the hurt
They chose me and I choose them
That is what makes a family