Fostering Connections

Fostering Connections

What is Fostering Connecitons?

Fostering Connections is a branch of City Without Orphans specifically focused on meeting tangible needs of the foster/ adoptive community. The goal of Fostering Connections is to bridge the gap between needs for goods and services, and the resources already available in the Central Valley. Our Fostering Connections coordinator works to facilitate communication between needs that are brought to our attention and local donors, businesses and churches who can help meet those needs. 

Who Can Use Foster Connections?

Foster and adoptive parents, adult adoptees and former foster youth can contact Fostering Connections via email, text or social media.  Social workers and others who work with this population can also communicate needs on behalf of the individuals they work with. Anyone can follow Fostering Connections on social media or subscribe to our newsletter as a donor in order  to share items they have available for donation or to respond to needs posted by our staff. 

Why Fostering Connections?

City Without Orphans has seen an increasing number of requests for tangible items like beds, clothing and toiletries. We believe that the resources to meet many of these needs already exist in the generosity of local churches, businesses and individual donors. Fostering Connections' purpose is to create connections between foster/adoptive families  and our  community at large. 

Fostering Connections Business and Church Partners

We are working to build a network of business and church partners who assist us in meeting the tangible needs of the foster and adoptive community in the Central Valley. Our business partners offer discounted goods and services to Fostering Connections members. Church partners help by offering specific resources that are available through their existing ministries and by being a point of contact when needs arise that we cannot meet within our usual donor base.

Our Generous Business Partners