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  • Clovis, CA 93611

Join us for Ninja Warrior Summer Camp!

Youth Camp - Ages 6-16 - July 8 - 11
10:00am - 1:00pm each day! 

$35 per family and 20 kids max for the camp.

Additional details below:  

- Athletic shoes required (no sandals or open toed shoes)
- Please wear comfortable clothing
- Please bring water or sports drink for the day (no soda)
- Please bring snacks  

Camp agenda 

- Motivational prep talk
- Warm up
- Drills/exercises
- Skills stations
- Ninja Warrior
- Parkour
- Calisthenics
- Daily challenges
- Team building
- Games
- PTA Coaches demo  

*Ninja Warrior - as seen on TV!  learn how to scale the Warped Wall, swing, climb and hang on various obstacles using upper body, lower body and grip strengths.  Led by 3x American Ninja Competitor Head Coach Gabe Hurtado

*Parkour - the art of getting from point A to B by jumping, running, climbing, rolling and flipping.  Students will learn how to gracefully maneuver through various obstacles like walls, rails (bars) and blocks with precision and safety.  Led by Parkour/Freerunning expert Coach Emic  

*Calisthenics - street workout/bodyweight training.  Overall strength building exercises by only using your own bodyweight.  Learning the fundamental basics like push ups, pull ups, sit ups and squats for example to create a strong foundation for all types of movements for everyday life.  Freestyle moves like bar spins and tricks will also be taught, led by Head Coach Lamont Nash and Coach Stevo.        

To purchase tickets: http://buytickets.at/citywithoutorphans/242347